We Appreciate
Teachers & Schools for
their contribution
in Nurturing the students.

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Learning is made easy with Setu's assistance
at each level of knowledge transfer.

Notifications to parent & student through setu eDiary

SETU does GAP Analysis and provides revision materials

Revision Tracking by parent & teacher

"Every student is good at something. Identifying the GAP and providing timely support would help them to perform better"

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features of SETU


The teacher can update the topics and chapters for the upcoming week.

Individual dashboards

Teachers, parents and students can benefit from the individual dashboards' logins.

Study Planner

Displays the study planning schedule for the ongoing and upcoming week.

Teachings Aids

SETU provides the learning resources like content materials, videos, and summary notes.

Prepare test

Diagnoses the students pre-requisite knowledge for the current topic.

Practice tests

Students can practice on the portion completed during the current week.

Topic-wise revisions

Identify the student's capabilities and do topic-wise revisions on the completed and upcoming topics.

AI-based reminders

Notify students, parents, and teachers based on the learning gaps identified by the App.

Progress tracking

SETU helps track the student's progress and shows possible areas for improvement.

Performance reports

SETU AI helps generate performance reports and shows the achievement status.

Students Connect

Students can post a question to a subject-specific teacher to clarify it.

"Learning is a continual process, and you don't need to wait till the
starting of academic year; you need assistance now!!!".

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Teacher Benefits

It's really a tough stand for the teacher to know the student's capabilities individually. SETU assists teachers by providing the pre-requisite tests for each topic, and revision content on the pre-requisite topic's, to know the student readiness for the class.

  • Through SETU E-Dairy the teacher intimates study plan to all the students at once.
  • SETU assists teachers in revising and evaluating the student's preparedness for attending the class.
  • SETU help Teachers to post the topic-based content, practice test, summary notes, to ensure knowledge transfer is completed.
  • Teacher gets relieved from the work pressure.
  • Teachers can analyze the student's performance individually
  • SETU sets AI- based reminders to teachers regarding the students' progress.
  • SETU Student Connect helps the Teacher to solve the students' questions directly.

Student Benefits

Every student comes here with different capabilities. Our SETU application bridges the learning gaps and increases the students' performance. It acts as the student's assistant by reminding them what and when to learn. LEARN at your own pace and in your own time.

  • SETU assists students to acquire the pre-requisite knowledge for the topics.
  • Students get AI-based reminders for assignments, prepare and practice tests
  • Students can access the content resources, subject videos and summary notes.
  • SETU assists students to revise and re-attempt the tests.
  • Using the student connect, students can post their question to a particular teacher.
  • Students can find accurate solutions for the questions after attempting the test itself.

Parent Benefits

The work timeline of the parent makes them unable to concentrate on their child's studies during the day. Our SETU app assists parents in monitoring their children's educational development, identifying the learning gaps, and revising the topics.

SETU assists parents to make the child work on the study plan

  • SETU assists Parents to check their child's assignments/homework's completion status.
  • SETU helps parents in identifying the learning gaps based on the preparation and Practice summary
  • Parents can take care of their child in revising and re-attempting the topics based on the GAPS identified.
  • SETU assists parents by showing the child's active status and Term-wise Grade obtained.
  • SETU sets AI-Based Reminders to parents to show their child academic progress.
  • They will be more informed and better monitor the kid's gadget usage time

"Would you rather buy a 100 Rs Chocolate per month or gift your kid a personal assistant (Setu)."



Improved Skillsets.


Amplified Test Results


Excellent academic growth

"Technology should assist the user in performing better and not disrupt/ deviate or increase the workload, and Setu has designed keeping the same in mind."

Learning is a continual process, don't need to wait till academic year starting, you need assistance now!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Connect will have notifications when students ask a question when they need clarification while reviewing the questions in preparation or practice tests.

No, the provision of the worksheet is not available in Setu. We must select the chapter and topic for preparation/practice in the study planner.

Since the study planner is created for the previous week, we need to click on the previous arrow button to view the previous week's study planner.

The teacher needs to plan for that chapter; accordingly, it will be unlocked, and the student can write the test.

After the student attempts the test, they can review it. If they are stuck with any question on the review page, they can raise the doubt to the teacher, and that will be shown on the "My Questions" page.

Constantly, the software is updated from the backend. Whoever is subscribed to SETU will get the updates.

YES, It can be customized according to the school's requirements.

YES, the training session will be scheduled when the software is deployed. A dedicated Support team takes care of the client queries and requests.

YES, It can be used by all kinds of schools and Institutions that deal with the foundation courses from 3rd to 10th.

Yes, the Parent can monitor the hours spent by the student on the revision material through revision tracking.

Yes, the teacher can enable/disable the Notifications to be sent to the Parent and student.

Teachers can view Notifications related to student performance and student queries.

Parents receive notifications regarding Study Plan updates, Re-test updates, Performance Status and Weekly Log Summary of their child.

Students can view the Notifications regarding the study planner and re-attempt test links.

Yes! Our Setu has topic-level assessments, and if you need online assessments to be conducted by your teachers, we have our LMS, which can support your requirements.