Implementation of NEP 2023 for CBSE schools

We believe you are ready for New Education Policy 2023 5+3+3+4 Structure

The new NEP policy 2023 transforms education in India by:

The NEP emphasizes the significance of utilizing technology and digital resources to improve the learning experience and increase accessibility and inclusivity in education.

SETU is here to support in effective implementation of NEP 2023

Educate, Encourage and Enlighten

"Educate, Encourage, and Enlighten" is the motto of the National Education Policy (NEP) which emphasizes the need for quality education that promotes critical thinking and creativity, encourages students to strive towards their full potential, and fosters a spirit of enlightenment that enables students to contribute to the development of society.

Our Platform SETU

To support CBSE schools in implementing NEP 2023 effectively and achieve the mission of strengthening the base, and increasing student engagement, we have created a platform called SETU.

SETU facilitates teachers, parents, students and school management to achieve:
  • Help students prepare basics before attending the new session in the class.
  • Provide focused practice tests, revisions, retests on the topic learned in class.
  • Sends AI-based notifications to parents, teachers on the students' progress.
  • Enhance effective parent-teacher and school management communication.
  • Reduced work pressure on teachers
  • Improve student performance
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