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Mathematical thinking

How does SETU help?

Grow your school with SETU.

We help schools to transform into dynamic centers of learning excellence.

Our technology-driven platform empowers students to:

  • Build and test their higher-order skills.
  • Apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems
  • Gain deep understanding through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and collaborative projects.
  • Builds foundational knowledge for lifelong learning in children.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your school.

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How does SETU help?

Unleash the potential of your students through a transformative educational journey.

We at SETU adopt the transformation in the education system, fostering knowledge acquisition and essential future skills development for the 21st century.

Our platform SETU aims to equip students with exposure in:

  • Practical learning through fun activities in robotics, coding, data analysis, and algorithmic problem-solving.
  • Apply computational thinking to real-life situations to gain real-world experience
  • Fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

Watch your students thrive as they engage in practical and fun-filled activities.

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Computational Thinking

Computer Programming Skills

How does SETU help?

Preparing students for a future where coding is a fundamental skill.

Our technology-driven platform, SETU, empowers students to thrive in the digital age by offering our champion course in Python Programming and engaging virtual lab activities where,

  • Students develop problem-solving abilities, nurture their creativity, and sharpen their logical reasoning skills.
  • Gain hands-on coding experience.
  • Bridge the gap between coding and other disciplines..
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How does SETU help?

"We believe that learning should be a personal journey."

SETU takes this philosophy to heart, offering personalized learning pathways to ensure continuous improvement in English language proficiency and communication skills by:

  • Providing tailored resources, engaging exercises, and expert assessments.
  • Incorporate multimedia resources, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios.
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Communication Skills

Contemporary Subjects

How does SETU help?

Empowering Future-Ready Education through SETU.

We are at the forefront of supporting the integration and promotion of contemporary subjects like AI, data science, digital literacy, and more, enabling learners to thrive in an ever-changing society.

Our platform SETU helps students by providing,

  • Comprehensive and Dynamic Learning Materials
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience
  • Develop critical problem-solving skills, and build a network of connections that will shape their future.
  • Seamless Transition from Theory to Practice.
  • Future-ready skills and poised to seize limitless opportunities.
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How does SETU help?

Achieving 360-degree Holistic development of students

With SETU, the lines of communication remain open among the student, teacher and parent, ensuring a supportive network that enhances student performance.

Our platform helps in achieving the student's performance through:

  • A Multifaceted Assessment System that optimizes learning outcomes and fosters effective communication.
  • Enabling targeted interventions through AI-based reminders to support students' growth.
  • Integration of grade books to record and track students' assessment results instantly.
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Continuous assessment and feedback

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Improved Skillsets.


Amplified Test Results


Excellent academic growth

"Technology should assist the user in performing better and not disrupt/ deviate or increase the workload, and Setu has designed keeping the same in mind."

Learning is a continual process, don't need to wait till academic year starting, you need assistance now!!!

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